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Almost Blue

I’ve always loved blue eyes; 

they shine so bright 

with every ray of light, 

as if they might

ignite at any moment

Three baby girls, 

they had bright blue eyes;

they hypnotised me 

as I gazed into them 

with a mother’s love

One by one, those dreamy delights 

decided to leave home, 

and in their place, each child 

was left with replacements; 

green, hazel blue and hazel green

How can this be? 

Father has blue eyes,

as blue as the sky; 

maybe if I have another 

I will get the one in four

My dad had blue eyes, 

surely that matters;  

do the chromosomes natter 

before they choose their partners?

Somehow I feel cheated

Why was I so disappointed?

Was this caused by self loathing, 

that somehow my eyes 

were not good enough?

But then I found self love

Three beautiful daughters, 

with distinctly different colours 

to reflect the beauty within 

and also in others, 

including that of their mother

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