At Home With The Gang

Me and the bros, dad and mum

Life at home was sometimes fun

But other times were very sad,

Coming home from school, and where was dad?

He’s working away, my mum would say

While the sun shines, he’s making hay

I knew the truth of where he’d gone

To the jail, the nick for what he had done

A long year away, and back he came

He said he really missed us weans

He did his best, and so did mum

I miss them now that they’re both gone

There’s loads of things I could’ve done

To make things better for my mum

But life’s a bitch and other people

get in the way and love to needle

But as I sit here writing words

To ease my pain and somehow love

That sibling who always comes out on top

Mum and dad I loved you both

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