Do Swans Eat Carrots?

Don't feed bread to the birds, especially the swans

Give them proper bird food, it's better for them

So off we go to the Scotstoun Emporium

Two bags of food, the good stuff please

Stuff that's good for the swans to eat.

I see carrots on the grass, and the swans are eating it.

Next day as I peel the carrots for soup, I save them a bit.

Bird food and carrots I took to the park

pigeons, seagulls, ducks, grebes, and the coots

scoffed the bird food, ignored the carrot.

And the swans scoffed the bread from another person

who didn't seem to know not to do this.

Well, it can't be that bad for them can it?

if they prefer white bread to eating carrot.

The herons and parakeets are not around

Maybe they've found a better ground

for winter, with less competition

for food, where they get recognition.

This lockdown has been great for community living

Remember the birds and squirrels, and the food keep on giving

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