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Dogs just like to have fun

Cats and dogs are so different,

each with their preferences

Cats like to lie in the sun,

but dogs just like to have fun.

Running to catch a ball,

to a cat is no fun at all.

A dog loves to run about,

bringing the ball in its mouth.

You own a dog but,

a cat owns you.

Dogs need love but a

human needs their cat.

Seven seconds or so you’re

allowed to pet and stroke

the feline beauty in your abode,

always their terms never yours

If a cat feels welcome he’ll stay,

but if not he’ll stray to another

home where he’s wanted and

come to visit and taunt you.

A dog needs love and attention;

cats like boxes and chairs to sit on.

Dogs will sit and watch you eating,

but a cat always leaves you feeling

they deserve the best, nothing less.

So get off your arse and do your best

before it’s too late and as they leave

you hear the clanging of the gate.

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