Fire, Fire!!

Coming home from work I could see the smoke

From the burning of wood in the back court

I sighed when I saw the empty can

And the glazed eyes of a certain man

He was breaking the shed up and putting it in

the incinerator which was mad of tin

I heaved a heavy sigh when I saw this sight

and thought there's a chance that he just might

set fire to the neighbour's fence or something like that

Alcohol and fire don't go together and that's a fact

Away I go to wash my car frustrated as hell with this pathetic sight

Of a drunk burning wood in broad daylight

My daughter runs out and says, "Should the fence be on fire?"

Left to grow on its own, it resembled a pyre

What a spectacle it must have been; one that in Whiteinch had never been seen

I looked at my youngest and the shame on her face

You're out of here boy, you're a bloody disgrace

The next day was almost as bad

I dismantled the shed that never had

Been broken up in a way

that was safer than happened the other day

My hands were black from charcoal and dust

breaking it down, knowing I must

get it into the car to the dump before dusk

And what is the moral of this tale you might say

Don't set a fire, and then walk away!

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