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Friends and all that Stuff

True friends love you just as you are.

You're always in their heart, no matter what.

It doesn't mean you're joined at the hip, or you can't have other friends.

They rejoice in your success, and sit with you through the hard times; it works both ways.

Class, status and all that jazz doesn't matter, it's the bonne amie feeling that is present when you are together, or when you get a text just checking you're okay.

Dancing, laughing, sharing good news and good food, enjoying life.

Cycling down by the river, or chatting over a cuppa, having a sing song.

All these things are special when you're with a friend,

someone who knows your faults, but doesn't care.

Because at that moment, all that matters is enjoying the moment in the company of your pals.

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Your right a true friend knows your flaws but doesnt care. They love you the way you are ❤


Jacky Dca
Jacky Dca

Ever so true xx

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