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Get the Fence Fixed

Malevolent Malik has really pissed me off-

two panels, a post and our privacy gone .

It’s a waiting game straight after the storm

when you’re waiting for workman to visit the home,

and gi ye a price to make it all whole-

and tae make it worse the cat’s stuck at home.

Nae fence to keep her safe fae the neds and the traffic;

she’s really pissed off and she lets me know it.

Hopefully soon, it’ll be put back together,

and she can go oot in all types of weather,

tae sit and wait for the cheeky wee mice tae

come oot for food, but instead they get spliced,

by Tootsie the tiger, as she waits to pounce,

and leave a dead moose on the step to be found.

So hurry up workman-get yer prices in -

get it fixed, dae the work so nae bastard gets in.

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