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I Want that Jersey

Testimonial night! All star team includes Mary’s favourite Clan player, Stefan Meyer. As Mary and Nicola wait for the game to start, the excitement in the arena is almost palpable. The players are announced and the crowd rises to their feet. Stefan skates onto the ice, and Mary thinks to herself, ‘I want that jersey, no other will do.’

The shirts are auctioned after the game, and Mary sets her mind on getting that jersey. Player after player is announced, and then, Stefan. Mary feels overwhelmed by the prospect of meeting this guy at long last AND getting his jersey.

The bidding starts…starting at sixty pounds, increasing by twenty each time. Mary can hardly contain herself..she hears herself shout ‘Five hundred pounds!’ Sold to the lady at the back! What a feeling; the hardest part was coughing up the money, but the best part was meeting the man, getting several hugs and a photo with him and Nicola.

Dedicated to Graham for his generosity

Credit to Al Gould, the photo guy, for the photo

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