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It's behind the telly

The cat, scurried about the kitchen; there’s something behind the dryer.

After much ado, and fussing and hauling, all that was there

was lots of fluff, you know the kind that builds up when you don’t dust?

Settling down to watch the box, a dark flash of movement

and a feeling of utter disgust, she’s sure that there’s something there.

Lo and behold, as she crouched down, she saw a frightened stare.

Sitting on top of the storage box, a tine wee mouse, figuring out

how it would escape the clutches of this loud human, what a lout!

It’s a mouse! It’s a mouse! Get in here now-do something!

He ran downstairs, wakened from sleep, when his other half let out a shriek.

Kill the bastard for fucks sake, I can’t sleep if that’s in the house.

If you really love me, you’ll kill that mouse.

The poor little thing was running about-escaping up the chimney.

Her indoors was not amused, she huffed and she puffed causing him such misery.

No one slept in the house that night, in case it visited the upstair rooms;

she lay in her bed with her eyes wide open, in her hands a shovel and broom.

Next day he purchased six mouse traps, made up some bait;

Nutella and peanut butter, mixed together on a plate.

Strategically placed all over the kitchen behind units,

he lay down the traps, hoping this would do it.

He knew this was a make or break situation

and he thought of several explanations,

to pacify this woman, who would fight Goliath,

but screamed and screamed when a mouse crossed her path.

Let’s just say his work bore fruit, the mouse took the bait.

She would be home soon, he could hardly wait

to show her the mouse, see her smile again,

knowing that the uninvited visitor was now in the bin.

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