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Jimmy, Jimmy: gone but not forgotten- 5th October 1963-15th November 2022

1973, a man came to borrow her dad’s car to go up north.

In he came, a young blond haired boy by his side.

She glanced at them, and quickly left with pals.

Fast forward 8 years, and she met this young fellow called Jim.

He had started his nursing-she was just qualifying.

He said-‘Do you want a drink, I’m buying,’

It turned out his dad and her’s had worked together-

birds of a feather, so to speak. But they didn’t know that yet.

Pay day, Thursday night meant reggae

for all the guys and gals who were ready

to have a great night drinking and laughing;

pals and couples, jumping and dancing

on the floor of Cinders.

He was always there with the gang, ever the jester.

Who would’ve guessed he would’ve picked her,

asked her out and gad about as if he’d won the jackpot?

Her ex used to say, ‘That JJ fancies you, I know it’-

She would laugh and tell him he was talking nonsense.

They lived, loved and laughed-made memories and children.

When it was over, the bitterness didn’t last for long.

He did his best, and kindness overflowed from his heart,

the pain was buried deep, numbed by the golden nectar.

He suffered quietly and alone, guilt ridden by the pain he’d caused,

thinking it was all his fault.

Emma and Sarah loved and cared for him,

savouring every moment, knowing that one day

he’d leave them. Life was too hard for him,

but he clung to life, until he saw them settled.

Stephen and Ryan-two good men, entrusted

with his girls-all that he held dear.

He was on stage for 59 years- and lived it to the full

Playing his part with gusto and bravado.

Who’s gonna explain Shakespeare to us now?

Rest in peace Jim, you will be remembered.

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