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Married Bliss?

Sleepless nights, changing nappies, sleep deprivation;

the introduction to family relations.

The first few nights, he takes his turn-before you know it-

the only turn he takes is to turn over in bed

She feeds the wean-he snores and farts;

somehow he’s acquired the knack

of being asleep at half past three,

except if he feels the need to pee.

In these days of equal rights,

all I remember are the fights;

resentment as he feigns a slumber,

as I fantasised committing murder.

One stormy night, he came home drunk;

his glasses blown under the wheels of a taxi.

As I claimed the insurance I stopped to ponder;

wishing that he had also gone under.

Some may find this admission surprising;

at the time I was shocked at my fantasising,

of this man falling under the wheels of a car.

But believe me, he always went too far.

Time has allowed to me forgive, not forget;

the years have passed, and now I’ve met

a wonderful guy who is steady and fair.

When I need him, he’s always there.

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Jul 06, 2021

You make me so happy ❤

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