Optimism in the face of adversity

2020 has been, if nothing an eventful year, albeit for the upheaval to all of our lives. Holidays cancelled, rebooked, and then the planned destination locks down. Being an optimist, I always endeavour to see the positive in the bleakest of situations. Here is a list of the positive highlights of 2020

*Had my daughter from London staying with me during lockdown. I normally only see her a couple of times a year. :)

*As a family, we shared a weekly online quiz-lots of fun. :)

*The traffic was much lighter-I am a key worker, so no furlough for me, less time to travel to work

*Restaurants were open long enough to have my 60th birthday dinner at 'La Bonne Auberge', with some of my family present. London girl couldn't make it.

*My daughter in Inverness passed her driving test-Fabulous! :)

* I received a proposal of marriage, which I have accepted-a new life ahead, gotta be good.

Once the dust settles from the pandemic, we can arrange the date and get on with loving

life and each other.

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