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Remembrance Sunday-8th November 2020

As I watched the memorial service on BBC1

I thought of the mothers who lost their sons

As they fought in wars declared by politicians

Who then sat in their armchairs at home and listened

To reports of lives lost and victories won

As the telegram advised of the loss of a son

The fiancees who never got over the loss

Of their darling sweethearts and dreams that were lost

They shared flats with friends who had shared this sad fate

A generation of spinsters, what a waste

They could’ve had children with the love of their lives

And walked to the park, hubby right by their side

I looked after many of these women as a nurse

They never stopped loving the men they had lost

Sisters who lost their big brothers

Were left to comfort hysterical mothers

Oh flesh of my flesh, my beautiful son

The world is much darker now you are gone

But daughters died too in these horrible wars

As they looked after soldiers, when they came to the ward

I once laid the wreath at the nurses' memorial

In the city chambers, it felt very surreal

I believe we must always honour the people

Who gave up their lives to retain our freedom

Freedom of speech came at the cost

Of millions of heroes whose lives were lost

So cherish that freedom; speak up for the weak

The alien, the oppressed too frightened to speak

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