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Save Our City

Lockdown has taken its toll on this fine city;

penalised longer than anywhere else.

Under the guise of recycling more trash, GGC

has cut collection of waste and glass.

We put three weeks waste in a two week bin

Don’t say recycle more; I do all I can.

The blue is packed with no room left

and we have to go to the dump instead.

Savings are fine, but not like this;

I think GGC is taking the piss.

It’s not our fault at all, they say

Lockdown and Labour; they are to blame

It’s Westminster’s fault for everything else;

we need more money, let’s get it by stealth.

Incremental taxation and shutting down centres

that cater for children as well as the pensioners.

Smoke and mirrors are often used to

dress up the cuts and distort the news.

So rise up Glasgow and fight for our city;

we’re at risk of becoming an object of pity

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