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Smoke and mirrors, crimes and misdemeanours

I sit at the bay window; where has the time gone?

Sixty one, 43, a nurse. Who would’ve guessed

that me, I would run the race for 43 years?

The battery is low, my reserves are wearing thin;

I know the time is right to step down from

this ladder of responsibility, start to live again.

I’m privileged to be part of this jewel in the crown

called the NHS-free at the point of delivery.

Every cog, from cleaners to consultants is vital;

don’t listen to these dystopian cabals who say

that the NHS isn’t working-beware, the poor hospitals

should in the past remain, but not if they get their way.

Stirring up racism and xenophobia in the oppressed, convincing

them that things would be better if we were free from Europe;

people should’ve guessed that it was all smoke and mirrors-

they would still be oppressed. So called pro lifer makes a profit

from emergency contraception, and the foreign secretary goes

on holiday, during an international emergency- and lies about it.

When will the press do their job, and report when things

go wrong, because of Brexit? But, no the three line whip

appears to extend outside Westminster-don’t mention Brexit,

if you don’t want to be shown the exit; we’ll tell you what to say

and if we don’t get our way, well one way or the other, you’ll pay.

No exclusive interviews for those who oppose or question their views.

I’m an optimist at heart-I believe that soon things will change;

perhaps an election before it’s too late, to turn around 180 degrees

and bring these Tory criminals to their knees, pay back everything

they’ve stolen in the name of PPEs and test and trace.

They really are a cabal that hates the Northerner-toothless or not;

when will people wake up and see the reality of this Tory lot?

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