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The Bird Sanctuary

Walking through the park, the leaves are falling, children laughing

As they play with their new found friends, as parent look on

All colours-brown, black and white, from around the globe

If only life was the same in the world, no fights or loss of rights

I approach the bird sanctuary and the birds are feeding-

Swans, ducks, coots and pigeons altogether sharing

the seeds that a passer by has thrown their way

A squirrel joins the party, tail fanned and full of hope

"Let me in she shouts," albeit in her head

"I’ll have some seeds, forget the bread"

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Nov 04, 2020

Squirrels 🐿 bushy tail - reminds me of Tufty 😂


Nov 04, 2020

Love the images conjured up. 🍁 🍃 contrast well with the kids - the fights an loss of rights very “now” ❤️

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