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The Death of Whiteinch Library

No public announcement; discovery by default.

The hub of Whiteinch is leaving home,

moving to Scotstoun-middle class land.

First the pool, and now this. Glasgow Life,

the hub of leisure in the green city has let us down.

Generations of children with memories of story telling

and borrowing books are shocked. They tried to close down

the local school; children condemned to walk

one mile in the rain. The community was united;

petitions and demonstrations prevailed-

middle finger to the education chiefs; we won.

Under the radar, during lockdown, the axe has fallen.

No free swimming; no incentive to walk to Scotstoun to read-

children don’t drive, and it’s a long walk with three kids.

Has officials’ greed for savings, and a bonus

replaced the nurturing of the less fortunate?

Glasgow city is a mess; pot holes and refuse collection cut.

Gates chained up; no free tennis or bowls; join a club,

if you can pay-it’s the only way to play.

The gap has widened, the have and have nots-

one giving to food banks, the other queuing for the crumbs

As I donate my bag of food, a meal for four,

I wonder how it came to this.

The underclass is back; was it ever away,

or do we no longer care?

Get a grip GCC, and do your job,

or you may soon be out of one.

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