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The Forgotten

Updated: May 29, 2021

He looks at her, and says, ‘You’re mine,

don’t stray or I will make you pay

with your life, never doubt;

I will always find out.

Give me your phone, you don’t need it.

No one wants to know you

You’re a nobody, waste of space

I don’t know what I saw in you.

You’ve gone to the dogs these days;

messy hair, unmade face, and those thighs.

No wonder I stay out late

having fun with all the guys.

Your job is to care for me

and make sure the kids are fed.

Don’t get any funny ideas

or you might just lose your head.

No photos or mementos

to remind her of the past.

They’re in the bin long ago

along with her photographs.

It’s Friday, he’ll be home late;

the pub and bookies are calling.

With no money to buy some food

She fears the kids will be hungry

It would be nice to believe

that this doesn’t happen.

Hundreds of women live this way

And they sit at home forgotten

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