The Red Car

She was my first, coming all the way from Russia;

she sat in the car lot, hoping I would buy her.

The big adventure, learning how to drive;

inviting friends for dinner, hoping they would oblige.

Three point turns, reversing and parking -

and then, the test first thing in the morning.

Adjust the seat and mirrors, seat belt on;

the tension was palpable and I hoped I was able.

The hour quickly passed-not a word I uttered,

until the highway code questions, and then I stuttered.

I waited-impatiently, on the final outcome;

he smiled and handed me the completed form.

Ma and pa were there when I got home;

seeing my smile, they laughed and hugged me.

'Can I give you a lift home, now I’ve passed?’

The red car did her stuff, as I drove alone, at last.


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