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Thinking out loud-25th May 2023

Taking everything into consideration,

it’s always good to have a long vacation,

two weeks, three if you’re lucky

enough to have the money.

Stay at home, days out and about

are always good,

and you don’t even have to leave your hood.

No, the park, museums, cinema

are all good fun to share with another.

If you will, travel afar-a cruise, a flight,

you never know what might happen, especially at night.

Go dancing, romancing with your significant other,

and remember not to take your brother or mother.

Oh no, this is your time to shine, have some fun;

enjoy the break, you may not get another one.

The possibilities are endless-Mexico,

Spain, France, maybe even Morocco.

If you’re feeling patriotic-the western isles or even Fife.

If you’re married, remember to enjoy your life

together and maybe even enjoy your staycation at home,

if it’s rotten weather, maybe even give the dog a bone,

or the cat a fish slice, dress it up nice.

To sum it up-live life to the full, remembering

to always be grateful for what you have, or don’t have.

The shit show you’ve left behind, leave it there,

don’t look back in anger or reminisce what might’ve been.

When one door closes, another one opens to take you forward

and show you just how special you are.

You are a star.

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