After the Honeymoon

The boy sits down, holding the football.

No one to play with, as they're all at school.

Two week suspension for being a bully

and telling the teacher that he's just a pussy

What is going on in this lad's mind?

Why be so hard, when he could be kind?

Has he never felt kindness or a hug from mum?

Or was it a beating when she ran from home?

Leaving him to take the flack from a cruel dad

who neglected the children and his loving wife

and battered her senseless within an inch of her life.

Patriarchy keeps women 'in their place'

by a scowl, a nudge or a slap in the face.

But lets not forget that woman too can be violent

in reaction to years of being silent.

She snaps, retaliates when the monster's asleep.

He's dead, and she begins to weep

for the loss of her man, the father of her children

Sympathy? No they send her to prison.

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