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All that jazz: 13th April 2023

Oh, the luxury of listening to live music with a likeable lady

who makes me laugh with her little sayings,

as she looks at me with her mischievous eyes.

She has the gift of the gab, knowing when to laugh,

with others, not at them. She is a fine specimen indeed.

Having met by chance, at a place where people

that like to sing, gather for a song.

All types of characters are there-straight,

grey or curly haired vagabonds, caught in a time-warp-

singing songs from long ago, sometimes one we all know.

And then there’s the musicians-banjo, mandolin, fiddle-

guitar, drum, the occasional whistle.

This all adds up to a real good time-tea/coffee instead of wine

at the interval, the time of catching up, taking a breath

before the next session, giving it our best.

Music, the remedy for all our ails-

Sad? Shed a tear, lighten your burden.

Happy? Fill the room with your joy,

but remember to weep with the lost.

Remember what your happiness cost.

You’re a long time dead, so make the most

of each hour you have, give a toast

to long lost friends and times gone by;

be kind to others, open your eyes

to the beauty of life and the clear blue skies.

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