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An Autumn Day

She runs ahead, advised by her mum not to go too far.

Five years old, Monday morning in mid October.

So proud of her new school satchel and Clark shoes that match it,

she runs through the leaves, kicking them high into the air and she wonders why

they don't float away up into the sky.

She doesn't understand the laws of gravity that govern all things on earth

but she laughs as they fall back down, full of merriment and mirth.

Her mother doesn't notice her joy when she calls out to her;

she's too preoccupied with pushing the pram and getting her to school

before the bell rings, and she has to explain to the teacher why they're so late.

It's hard being a young mum of three under five

No money at times struggling to survive.

But still, one's at school, soon another at nursery,

and then she'll be left with only the baby

to take with her as she visits her family;

she's just one step away from insanity.

She didn't think her life would end up this way;

three bairns and a husband who's always away

to make money for the family and bring home the bacon.

She wishes she could be bothered to do some home baking.

But the dream is very rarely the reality.

Shit travels down, it's the law of gravity.

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