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Being a Landlord

It's great when the rent is paid and everything is hunky dory

But when you're in a pickle it can get quite gory

I was never meant to be a business woman who does her own thing

Because when things go wrong, like a cooker on the blink

Mary loses her cool, wondering what the hell

is happening and two days before Christmas as well

Frantically looking for a cooker to buy

Find a spark to fit it as Christmas is nigh

Up to Elderslie me and Sarah go

To pick up the bargain before it is sold

Spark is arranged, he will call today

and tell me how much money I have to pay

for the service of fitting up an electric cooker

Here's hoping Christmas dinner will be super!

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Janette McGlynn
Janette McGlynn
Jan 02, 2021

I got a chuckle at this one, you are able to define and describe situations in a poetic fashion that can be very stressful. Really enjoyed it


Dec 23, 2020

Great enjoyed it a lot😍

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