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Being Mary

Why do I always place myself under so much pressure?

When after work I could pursue endless pleasure

such as a walk in the park or the Pollok Estate

and watch the highland cows as they stand near the gate

of the road to the 'big house' or visit the Burrell collection,

oh no, the building is under extensive construction.

Or go for a cycle with my wee pal Dave

He puts me to shame as he stops to wait

as I catch up with him, feeling quite sick.

I say 'slow down, you're going too quick'

And he always smiles at me when he says

Take it easy Mary, you're doing great.

I am so lucky to have all my friends,

with whom I can do many different things

Jacky is my buddy and line dancing pal

She's a good egg and she's quite a gal

Then there's Janet who lives down south

near her family of whom she is proud.

Marlyn's a lady; we went to Seville

We did the night bus tour and it was quite a thrill.

Oh don't forget Graham, my lovable man

Who loves and adores me more than anyone can

I think he might be a little infatuated

for he thinks I'm the best thing ever created.

My daughters are three great individuals

who for most of the time are very good pals.

To sum up my life I really must say

I'm glad when I wake up every day.

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Dec 16, 2020



Jacky Dca
Jacky Dca
Dec 16, 2020

Aww thanks Buddy xxx

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