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B-B**sh*t, Barefaced lying, Blaming EU for everything. Breaking promises. Bullying of objectors who question the BJ cabal’s motives or decisions. Blatant hypocrisy by government ministers-breaking lockdown restrictions and social distancing rules.

R-Refusing to resign, despite lying, deceiving and giving the country’s money to cronies and tory donors. Relentless gaslighting by the government, Removing human rights from the electorate-disenfranchising the already oppressed.

E-Entertaining lobbyists/rich b****rds in exchange for donations to the conservative party. Ensuring the said rich b****rds get the contracts through the VIP lane, via WhatsApp. Elevating incompetent dimwits into jobs way above their ability.

X-Exit from the most egalitarian union, and replacing with a progressively increasing right wing agenda, resulting in social division not seen in my lifetime. This makes Thatcherism sound like the ideology of wet tories. This sets the scene for increased discrimination.

I-Inept prime minister; main skills are committing adultery and gaslighting the country. Insincere government; signing treaties with the intention of breaking them. Intent to break the back of the less privileged in society, whilst protecting the interests of the wealthy.

T-transfer of wealth from treasury to the already very rich. Totalitarianism in the making. Treacherous ideology, which alienates the underprivileged. The deserving and undeserving poor, as defined by the chancellor, while he extends one of his many mansions.

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