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The choices in life can be confusing; what if this, or that?

Do I keep working, or keep going?

Life flies by and before you know it, it's over.

No pockets in a shroud, and the final rest is in a coffin.

So why is it so difficult to keep it simple and enjoy life?

Eat well, sleep eight hours each night and be kind,

most of all to yourself and the ones you love; you never know

the moment when that final whistle will blow

and your name is called to take your seat in the waiting room of heaven.

But in the meantime, smile and enjoy the pleasures in this little haven

called earth. Walk, talk, sing and dance in the rain

Do it now; you might not get the chance again.

Clear out the clutter of slovenly habits and pity parties

Today is your day, so go and grab it.

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