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Did the summer just evaporate?

Summer, you know the time of year when we all go on holiday,

soaking up the sun, having some fun, lots of frolicking with our buddies,

or if you’re lucky that special one who makes your heart skip a beat

when you see him or her walking down the street

For those who have to work so hard to make the money

that allows them time to spend with their honey

on a sandy beach, or a city break, enjoying the views,

this summer has brought nothing but bad news

Storms, earthquakes and floods have caused

cancelled flights and holidays abroad

Limited choice is the name of the game;

caravan breaks or stay at hame

June was good, July was lost to the pitter patter of rain,

ruining the fun for families with weary weans

August was windy, with a few good days,

allowing the farmers to make some hay;

For the kids back at school, looking out at the sun,

I have to confess it can’y be much fun

The teachers are frazzled after such a duff summer;

by the look on their faces, they’re all feeling scunnered

Who stole our summer, and made it rain for thirty one days?

Did the fairies get angry and make the sun go away?

Or was it the sadness that Mother Earth feels,

making her cry from the heavenly realms?

The rain and the wind have both contributed

to the conclusion that the summer merely evaporated

The sun is still shining behind the clouds;

maybe he’ll hear us if we just shout out loud,

and ask him to extend the season of summer

Maybe the teachers will look less scunnered

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