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Flight of fancy-20/2/2023

Above the clouds, the plane glides

as if they were one, together, forever.

The sun, the light, the flight

makes me dizzy with delight.

Nature, in all its glory before me,

sitting here as if I belong;

I feel like bursting into song.

Every soul should see this sight

at least once in their life.

No pain, no darkness, no sorrow;

enjoy today, forget tomorrow,

till it comes in the night, chasing the light,

as the mighty sun arises from its slumber.

Loved ones lost, whisper in the mist,

hoping I can hear them,

but all I have are memories.

Sweet Patrice, Bubbly Christine,

adorable Lynn and understanding Luke.

The lunches, the chats the dinners,

and don’t forget the singers-on Boxing Day.

I remember you well, I always will.

They’re on a conference call,

hoping to stay connected to a lost world.

They’re on mute, but they can hear me.

You are all missed, still remembered.

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