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From coercion to aggression

Why do you keep those photos?

He’s not in your life anymore,

and I’ve told you before,

I’m not having it,

If you want me here,

throw them out.

Is that your old wedding dress

in the wardrobe?

For fucks sake, I’m not having it.

He’s gone, and I’m here,

pay attention.

Either that goes, or I do.

I wish you would change

the phone number.

I’m here now,

he doesn’t matter.

Tell the girls not to talk about him,

I’m the boss.

I need that money for fags and drink.

So what if it’s from their bank.

It’s alright for you

with your big bank balance

It’s not all for the bills.

Fat chance.

So what, I locked her out.

She gave me cheek,

and I’m not having it. So what,

she’s fifteen, I’ll show her who’s boss.

I’m the important one here,

not your fucking weans.

So now you know, I like a bevvy.

Day and night, when ever I want.

Do you expect me to stop,

just because I’ve got the baby?

I’m out of here, fuck you.

I’ve got my golf clubs.

To any woman living with this pish-

you matter, you and your weans

Patriarchy destroys peace, joy and lives.

Don’t accept second best, ever.

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