Girls, frills and nightclubs

How much fun can a girl pack into life before

she wonders what the heck she is doing?

I never reached that point, I’m afraid-

until I put on too much weight,

and the clothes I liked to wear,

you know these sexy ones for stick insects,

was more than my big arse could bear.

I’m reduced to dancing all alone, in

front of the telly with YouTube on-

calling it exercise to keep me fit,

but inside I can still feel a wee bit

excited thinking back some years;

Giving it big licks on the dance floor

with all my pals from eleven til four.

I thought those days would never end,

dancing with Rocket, my oldest friend.

But life takes its toll in so many ways,

children, old age and expanded waist.

Left with memories that make great stories

to tell my daughters when they think I’m boring;

Yer maw can dance, and don’t forget it!


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