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Girls, girls, girls

Three lassies, my lassies, are the bonniest in all the land;

they go about their lives, in each her own way- they stand

together when required, fighting the world and all of the

inequities that arise in this so called democracy.

They are my light in this world; I always wanted girls to

accompany me in this walk called life; to see

them grow and blossom into wild flowers with their

own ideas and dreams, makes me a proud mother.

Fiercely independent; they challenge my preconceptions;

though sometimes they bow to my explanations, education.

I cannot say it’s easy sailing having girls with little patience;

however what they lack in this, fades away with a loving kiss.

They are strong, there for each other-through thick and thin,

and no matter what, together they’ll always win my

love and approval; unconditional love has no expectations.

It keeps life simple and pleasant, yet gives them motivation

to live their lives in such a way that does no harm, but

good, to those who have less in this world than they should.

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