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Give Time Time

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We work each day, counting down to the day that we can say

farewell to the daily slog and have more time to play.

No more early starts, except to exercise or catch a flight

And while we wait, hoping that we just might

find that special one with whom we'll walk or maybe run

into the sunset, to a villa in France and have some fun.

Drinking fine wine and baguettes with cheese,

Making new friends, enjoying the breeze

as you watch the old men playing petanque

in the village square while sipping a glass of blanc de blanc

at the local cafe with everyone;

the women have brought their daughters and sons.

When I was young I imagined things like this,

not working or getting up for the school bus.

I now think fondly of those bygone days when

I used to help at the school with the younger kids

Assisting the teacher so that she could give

extra help to the ones who needed extra help

to catch up with the others in time for break.

I miss the displays and the prize giving assemblies

and feeling proud of my children as they collected their prizes

And the camaraderie I found with the other parents

A drink or a meal while we all were sharing

our worries or fears about life and death,

our views on independence, our hopes and faith.

I suppose I am trying to say that we should enjoy each stage

of life with our loved ones, the French villa can wait.

One day, one day.....

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Janette McGlynn
Janette McGlynn

Well written, loved it, again it reflects my thoughts but you have written very eloquently.




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