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He's coming into his own. (a PM in waiting)

He was a slow starter, took his time,

building his case, with a lawyers mind.

It seems to coming together now,

and he’s taking apart the sacred cow.

The cow that laughed, as others died;

let the bodies pile high was his arrogant cry.

He’s on the ropes, not shouting mister hindsight;

Keir has targeted his moral blind side.

The side that cannot possibly imagine that

others would find his behaviour abhorrent.

He’s blustered and lied his way through life,

betraying, divorcing several wives.

Just as I was starting to lose all hope,

Keir has pushed Billy Bunter onto the ropes.

The ropes that extend as far as India-

he’s struggling to convince the media.

He’s unfit to govern, I’m convinced of that.

Billy Bunter is an arrogant twat.

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