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Life's a game

Life is one big game, I'm telling you.

People act out life in their heads, it's true,

but if only someone told us when we were young

'This is your chance, take it and make the most of it,’

and gave us guidance on making good choices-

and not to listen to all those voices, that say;

'Come on, no one will ever know, it'll be our wee secret.'

How many lives have been ruined by the sleekit and the wicked?

And then the fingers point, to say,'I know what she's like,' or ' He's a wanker.'

The innocence of childhood is snatched away by wolves in sheep's clothing;

child cruelty at the hands of those that they trusted or their

children's trust busted by a drunken father with no thought for others

but only of where the cash can be found for the next round.

It's hard not to get cynical in this cruel world,

when all that you see is people bound in chains by those who

profess to love them, but constantly remind them of their past misdemeanours

or point out their faults, to keep them in the vault they call home.

Until that day they can make a choice of their own

and stand up and say, 'I'm out of here, get out my way'

If only it was simple as that; eighteen years of misery doesn't leave willingly

The ghosts can haunt the tortured soul and keep the mind

still living at home. How do we stop this vicious cycle

of abuse, guilt and blame?

And let ourselves live in peace, free from shame?

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