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Me and the Weans

Mammy, she's hitting me. Mammy, I need a wee.

Mammy can I get a cone? Please mammy before we go home.

Mammy, let's go to the park and play there till just before dark.

Mammy can we go to the shows, at Helensburgh before they close?

After dinner we'll go for a while; hearing this they started to smile.

At the time this seems so overwhelming and hard to balance

with working full time and have me time with my pals.

Now that I'm older I think back to those days with fondness

The best days of my life with my little loved ones

I have to content myself with phone calls and gifts by post

from my kids that in this world I love the most.

They're all grown up and spending their time

with their pals and colleagues, but that's just fine.

As I'm getting older, the roles are changing

Spend some time with mammy, I've not seen you for ages.

But one thing is certain, one thing that I know

The time spent with them makes my face glow.

Dedicated to Emma, Sarah and Nicola

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