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Making sense of this world

Focus on the here and now; don’t waste time on the past,

it only uses up energy best used for things that are good and last.

So what if you bump into an old flame who broke your heart,

the past is gone and it’s best not to start reminiscing and thinking

what could’ve been. If things were good, it wouldn’t have ended,

and you wouldn’t have lost yourself in fruitless worrying or amending

your behaviour just to please another, motivated by fear of loss, when really, you’re already defeated if someone demands change or commitment,

in the absence of any real affection for the real you.

Love is an action, lust is a passion that dries up when

something better comes along-always on the look out for that new experience, you know the ‘one’ who will change your life for the better, until you realise

that all you believed in were nothing but lies.

Self propagated delusions, illusions, fantasies of, there has to be more than this; I mean, she’s let herself go, or he never brings me flowers anymore, will rob you of any sense of self respect or regard for the other.

When you were a child, did your mother demand self sacrifice before she fed you, washed you, clothed you? For the most part, we can answer no.

Society demands certain actions from parents, in the absence of reward in the present; sowing seeds, so to speak.

The reward for good parenting is knowing that you did your best, even in adversity. Parents who demand respect and obedience from a child, have become their inner child, and expect from their child, the love that they longed for from their emotionally unavailable parents.

You may disagree with all I have said, perhaps you believe you’d be better off dead, rather than listen to my ranting monologue, thinking it’s time to head

out and find some better sustenance instead of considering what I’ve said.

I’ve heard it said that the past is history, the future a mystery-stay in the present.

When you’re sad, revisit your past, but don’t stay there; you may find the answers you’re looking for, hold someone’s hand while you’re there-a trusted friend or guide, someone who just might help you separate the reality from the fantasy.

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