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Malicious intent

Someone has Someone has disturbed my nest, and

mother hen will do what she does best.

If I find out who caused this drama,

they’ll have to answer to this wee mama.

Causing trouble is the name of the game;

dishing out dirt and more of the same.

It’ll all come out in the wash, that’s certain,

but the damage is done and for no reason.

Envy, bitterness and competition cause

some people to create tension for no reason.

Intended malice is a poisoned arrow that comes

back to pierce the archer down to the marrow.

That bully in primary school who singled her out

caused me such pain, made me want to shout

and smash the face of a seven year old,

for she picked on my baby for no reason at all.

Bullies are cowards with flying monkeys to

do their mischief and make life a misery,

for those who don’t conform and bow

to the mighty one who calls the shouts.

To the narcissist who decided to target my child;

if I ever meet you, you’d better go hide in a

very deep hole where you cannot be found, to

account for the lies that came out of your mouth.

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