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Minds Matter

Dig deep; don't be afraid to weep

if it gets you the answer that you need,

and gives you mind and heart relief.

the fish doesn't ask itself, 'Can I swim?'

He merely does what is expected of him,

by going forward into the brook

to be reeled in by bait on a hook.

He ends up on a plate with his bones removed

served with potatoes and a sec vin rouge.

The human brain, designed to think things through

will lose the skills if they're not used.

Reasoning, appraising and then deciding

are part of what makes life exciting.

Twenty four hours in a day, eight are slept so don't throw them away,

allowing fears and indecision keep your life at bay.

Go forward, but consider every step you take.

But don't fall asleep when you should be awake.

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