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Much ado about corruption: 10th April 2023

Slowly, bit by bit,

the puzzle pieces start to fit

together. Isn’t it peculiar

that the stories sound familiar?

Catapulted back to the nineties

when the tories were in their plenty.

Scandal upon scandal-the coffers

were pillaged by the better off-ers.

Will it take total corruption, like then,

to harden the hearts of men (and women)?

When they’ve robbed the exchequer

and then blame it on Labour?

Oh, and then there’s Brexit,

the land of milk and honey-

for the rich tax-avoiding nobs,

sending OUR money into the void.

The void of tax havens,

in their own name,

well blind trusts,

getting richer is a must.

Wait and see, once they've managed

to empty the coffers, done maximum damage

to the country, in the name of sovereignty,

they’ll say lets take it back to the country.

They can decide if we should go back to

freedom for the common man, to move around,

leave this land, and block the loopholes

we have used to rob them blind, keep them down.

While the angry French take to the streets,

the minions here stay at home to weep.

Will they ever learn to lift their head

above the level of the parapet?

Or do they want to work till death,

when they wearily take their final breath?

Let’s get started, vote them out soon,

and legislate to stop this happening again.

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