Prince Charles Bay

Bonnie prince Charlie came here once; the young pretender,

caused the death of so many brave highland men-set brother

against brother, and divided the clans. He left as stealthily he

came; never to be seen again, well in this land anyway.

Pride comes before a fall, or so it’s said, and many men paid with

their heads, sometimes freedom, to feed one man’s hunger for power.

The man who deserted his brave highland army without a backward

glance-trooping off to France, where he outstayed his welcome.

Many say that all roads lead to Rome-this was true for Charlie-he

died there, never giving his followers thanks or reward, for their sacrifice.

The songs of old ask if he’ll come back again; this was not to be, oh no.

He died as he lived, thinking only of what might or should have been.

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