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Public funds to hedge funds

3rd May 1979, that fateful day, when Labour lost

and political consensus became history-the beginning of

deregulation and the rise of the private shareholder.

Right to buy your council house-no council housing,

no public employees-mass redundancies.

Transport, electricity, all utilities-now in the hands of

profit motivated Machiavellians-the big con!

Hedge funds, tax havens and the like all hide

the things that might cause concern-but then again,

when Joe public has been disempowered with UC

cuts and NI rises, why are we surprised to see the

government on a spending sprees-gifts for honours

and fights over who gets what taxpayer funded residence?

In my life, I’ve seen power cuts, 3 day weeks, and worn

shoes with holes on the soles. No child should go to sleep

or to school hungry-what has happened to this country?

I saw a brief reprieve when Labour governed 13 years;

as I watched the results in 2010, I felt the tears well up,

and wondered why Clegg sold his soul to be deputy PM.

Brexit-the answer to all our prayers? Say that

to students waiting for visas to study abroad,

or the workers losing their jobs as companies fold.

Food shortages and no nurses, as Europeans

go home to a place where they feel wanted.

But, hey-Jonson says, ‘We got Brexit done.’


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