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Rue Rossini

We arrive in Nice, take tram number two.

Homeless until four o’clock-we get the keys-

now to find the damn place; I don’t think

I can walk much further-carry me please.

We trudge on, hoping the next corner

will be the last before we find the place.

We reach the street-find number forty eight;

enter the gate, one floor up-yahoo!

A bed never looked so good;

next move is to get some food.

Tea and baguette-lots of tasty jam,

makes me feel human again, alive.

This place is home for a while-what more

could I ask for? A comfy bed, and great

company is greatly enhanced by ‘les environs’.

France, and all things French, warms my heart.

Liberty, egality fraternity -the right to protest, have

job security and feel valued is lost in post Brexit Britain.

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