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Shoes in the Charity Shop

I was walking past the local charity shop

And then something made me stop.

There in the window display, I saw

the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen in a charity shop.

I thought of going inside and asking about them

What size are they? I wondered

I hope they’re a size five, my size, and a wide fit.

It was then that I saw him, Keanu Reeves, in Partick of all places.

He looked as good in real life as on the screen in the Matrix.

My legs felt more than a bit wobbly, as he walked towards me.

He smiled and asked if I knew how to get to the Record Factory.

I couldn’t speak for drooling, but I eventually managed to mumble something about showing him where it was.

So, what do you talk about, when you’re walking along the road with a Hollywood star?

Here we go; I asked why he was going to the Record Factory on a Saturday afternoon.

He had decided to do a unpublicised mini tour with his grunge band

Glasgow was his first gig, and he had got off at the wrong underground station.

Well, I couldn’t believe my luck. Keanu Reeves in my own back yard!

Wow, awesome!

As a way of thanking me, the lovely Keanu gave me some complimentary tickets for the gig.

Once I had recovered from the hug and thanks from Mr Gorgeous,

I ran back to the charity shop to try on those beautiful shoes.

They’ll look amazing with my new dress the one in stunning rouge.

I think I’ll wear them tonight. I might get lucky, you never know.

Even if I don’t I’ll still enjoy the show.

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