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Speaking Ma Mind

That’s the third time you’ve said that-are you forcing solutions?

You might choose to dae things that way, but I’m no interested

in whit you wid dae; I am an individual, who likes tae things ma way.

I’m no saying I don’t appreciate yer suggestions, but that’s whit they

ur-your solutions, no mine; dinnae take offence, but I’m doing just fine.

So let’s just agree that ma decisions. are ma decisions. No yours, but mine.

Whit’s that? I know ye warned me, three times, in fact, just shut up

and mind yer ain beeswax. I happen tae like learning fae ma ain

mistakes, ye know like buying a cheaper tin a beans, to save money,

tae discover that the turquoise tin is the best, but at least I tried.

Whit I will say, is that if I won’t eat the cheapos, why would I donate them

into a food bank?Why should the less fortunate be expected to eat whit I can’t?

I try tae let ma naw be naw, and ma yes be yes-always gi ma best-at work,

at home and wi ma pals, consistency and honesty will always win by miles.

Fair weather friends and dodgy cunts, that promise the earth, not delivering much,

makes ma blood boil, and want tae rag doll them and get them tae fuck.

I’m no saying I’m perfect, but I dae ma best, work hard, tell the truth,

even when it’s easier tae lie- naw, oot come the profanities fae ma mouth.

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