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Starve a Kid, Save a Quid

So BoJo and his cronies whipped their MPs to vote against providing free meals for the most vulnerable children in British society? What say I to this? Disgraceful; words fail me, although I will attempt to convey my feelings in this small blog. I have lived through many tough times, being, at times entitled to free school lunches. The lunches guaranteed that me and my siblings had at least one good meal for five days of the week. In the sixties, Glasgow City Council provided free lunches during the holidays Monday to Saturday, and a lunch bag was provided for Sunday. This guaranteed the most vulnerable children received something to eat every day, thus helping to eradicate poor health in children. Are we reverting back to the 1950s? I wonder if the parish councils will take over, and decide, who are the deserving poor? I hope not.

Irrespective of the behaviour/habits of parents, children should not be denied access to a meal, because some politicians deem their parents' or guardians' behaviour as antisocial. Will we see rickets and scurvy re-emerging in schoolchildren, in the near future? Time will tell.

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