Take a deep breath

The sun shines, even when it's raining and the sky is grey.

He's merely taken his hat off; taking a nap.

But when he wakes and splits the clouds, the birds

rejoice, singing in tune with all of creation.

Sparrows and robins; their songs fill

the air with gladness and merriment.

My heart leaps in tune to the chirp chirp

and coo coo of the local wild birds.

Spring is here; rejoice and be glad

for all that we have.

The apple and cherry blossoms blowing

over me, makes me glad to be alive.

When things don't go my way, I'll smile and say,

'It is what it is, get over it; there's always tomorrow.'

Today I will laugh and be thankful for the sun

and all that thrives in this place I call home.


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