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The Constitution is Everything

I don't know much about America's constitution, that's true

But wasn't it put in place, amended each time the country went through

a crisis, dilemma, adjusted to protect the rights of the individual, and society from individuals with too much power?

Extremists, religious fanatics and the like, seem to tower

over democracy and decency, where the truth is vital

to guarantee freedom from discrimination and bigotry, making everyone equal?

How on earth did a narcissist end up ruling the country using twitter as his platform

to rubbish anyone who didn't agree with the way he governed?

Just because someone lifts his hands in prayer and acts so pious

doesn't make him fit to carry the keys to the box that can destroy us

Fake news was his mantra, or claims that votes were destroyed

and he pressed the officials to make the outcome null and void.

He treated the presidency like a tv show, hiring and firing his sycophants,

pardoning criminals because they didn't relent

and name names or admit to deception,

that basically won the bastard the election.

We're not much better across the pond where gaslighting was the method

by which they got people to vote for Brexit.

Project fear is how they described the facts of leaving-customs, airports would be just fine

and don't worry, they need us more than we need them, it'll just take time.

£350 million to the NHS was the cry, keep the money here instead of handing it over,

to a bunch of eurocrats in Brussels, we won't have to bother.

Well the rich and wealthy, it's true for them with their PPE contracts and other deals.

While poor children and 70,000 homeless queue up for free meals

The media are spineless, and some are corrupt, perpetuating the lies.

But nothing lasts forever, Nixen, Saddam and Gaddafi met their fate

So Boris change your methods before it's too late

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