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The Gallus One

He struts down the street, gallus as fuck

Eighteen and working, he's quite the young buck

"Tongs ya bass," he shouts. "If yer no feart, come oot ."

"Get ready for battle, and put on yer boots."

The Garngad has the fiercest men, who make sure their weans and women are fine

At least that's what they think, in their blinkered mind

If the gas and the lecky are on, it must be fine

But the visits to hospitals and the Barr L

Make the women feel like they're living in hell

And the weans get dragged along

Mammy comforting them with a happy song

This is no life for anyone to live

Surely oh surely something's gotta give

One more black eye for the wife will do it

shut her mouth or black'n blue it

Women's aid is there to help

For women who've had more than a skelp

It's also there to give a place for weary women to find a space

Out of the madness and into some peace

With their kids (or none) to rest their heids

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