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The Moths in the Loft

Help! I hate insects and moths are no exception

There's hundreds of them; where did they come from?

They're in the loft, the sitting room and around the house

This is the worse thing, since I saw that mouse

in London town, down Seven Sisters way,

that when I screamed, it ran away.

I wake up, in a cold sweat and panicking;

was it a dream, or was it really happening?

It's sunny outside and I realise

moths like the darkness, unlike flies.

So it must be a dream, all in my head,

I think to myself as I get out of bed.

What does it mean? could it be a sign

of things to come or just my mind

playing tricks on me, as I lie in late,

to make me get out of bed as the clock strikes eight?

I really must meditate on this dream

as I eat my toast and drink my tea.

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Janette McGlynn
Janette McGlynn
Jan 11, 2021

Great Mary, where are you getting your inspiration from? you start with a moth but then develop into symbolism, great stuff, keep them coming.


Jan 11, 2021


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